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I’ve been working in garage door installation for a few years now. Wanted to put out some info on the subject. Check out our videos in the posts section. If you want to learn more about garage door prices visit Garage Resource.

All You Need To Know About Garage Door Prices

When searching for a new home, the garage door may not be the most important aspect you consider; however, if not provided with enough maintenance and long-term care this garage door can cause a great deal of problems.  One type of garage door to keep a very close eye on is the wooden door, but there are various other styles available as well if you are not keen on managing a wooden item.


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The wooden garage door is challenging to maintain in that it requires a reseal every two years and must be checked for cracks on a regular basis.  Furthermore, wood is also known to expand and contract during temperature change which could lead to portal moves and changes in fitting.  It is important to consider these factors when purchasing a wooden garage door as they can influence value for money.

Metal and vinyl doors are a great deal cheaper than the wooden doors, but the metal option is generally sold without installation or any paintwork.  The vinyl alternative is noted as the better choice if not opting for a wooden door as it is lighter, less likely to dent, and usually presents with an automatic door opener (which infers installation).

The choice of garage door will depend on the area in which you reside and your personal preference.  A property located within a city would benefit from a steel garage door; whereas those within the less urbanized areas would be well-suited to wooden or vinyl options.  The steel may be slightly more costly; however, it does offer a higher degree of security and is inexpensive to maintain.

As can be seen, there are various types of garage doors available for perusal and purchase; however, you must be aware of the type of material and the area to find the best option for your needs.